Our Ginger Sport one-to-one fun soccer is coming to your backyard.

All the fun, just for one

It’s just your soccer star and our coach. Perfect for kids at home, your kiddo will be entertained and running around burning up energy. It’s all the fun you’ve come to expect from a Ginger Sport session, with laughter, fun, high energy, and soccer skills.

How does 1-2-1 Soccer work?

With just your child and our coach, it’s one-on-one premium attention at home. The whole session is tailored to the needs of your child.

We theme the games to whatever your little one desires. Favourite superhero, TV show, hobbies, you name it! We bring ALL the equipment. You don’t need to bring anything.

Our coaches are experts in the early-childhood niche, and you can be certain that everyone has a Blue Card.

Please note your booking is subject to confirmation from Ginger Sport.

The fine print

  • It’s for 2-7 year old boys and girls.
  • You choose the location.
  • You request a time to suit you.
  • You can book once, or make it a regular thing.
  • Our usual terms and conditions apply, and you can view them on our website here.


You’ll love our 1-2-1 Fun Soccer for your own private coaching for up to 4 kids.

1 x 60-minute session

5 x 60-minute sessions

10 x 60-minute sessions





What age groups can play 1-2-1 soccer?

It’s for 2-7 year old boys and girls. We can take children 8+ as well.

How many kids can be coached at 1-2-1 soccer?

We coach up to four* children at a 1-2-1 session.

*Note: We fully comply with current COVID-19 social-distancing laws, and these numbers are subject to change.

Can we do 1-2-1 soccer at the park?

Yes, we have permits to coach in most Brisbane parks.

How much does 1-2-1 soccer cost?

It’s $75 for 60 minutes, or $355 for 5 sessions, or $695 for 10 sessions (60 minutes each).

Do we have to book in every week?

It’s your choice. You can book for a one-off 1-2-1 session, or make it a regular thing.

Do I have to provide any equipment?

You don’t need to provide a thing. We bring everything.

Do your coaches hold Blue Cards?

All of our coaches hold current Blue Cards issued by the Queensland Government.