Book Ginger Sport’s soccer services anywhere!

Have you ever wanted a Ginger Sport session held at a location and time JUST TO SUIT YOU? Well now you can have it with Ginger Sport Custom Kick.

We know that there are many groups and individuals out there who have enough kids for your very own Ginger Sport soccer session. So we have created Ginger Sport Custom Kick. Using our simple online booking form, you request a session at  a time and place to suit you, and we do the rest.

Ginger Sport Custom Kick sessions suit many different groups of people. Here are some we can think of: vacation care, family day cares, playgroups, mothers’ groups, home-school groups, shopping-centre holiday fun, outside-school-hours care, school camps, church groups, even just one-big-happy family!

So if you have a group of kids who want a session, just click on our Custom Kick tab, and fill in the request form. Click on the FAQ button for more info.

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Please fill out our booking request form and we will get back to you with a quote, based on your specific needs.


How many children do I need before I can book a Custom Kick session?

There is no minimum number of children required to book a Custom Kick session. If there are more than 15 children, then two coaches will be required. Alternatively, extra time will be required with just the one coach. Talk to us if you wish to include more than 15 children in your Custom Kick session.

What age must the children be?

We prefer that children are aged between 2-10 years old. Talk to us if you wish to include children outside these age groups in your Custom Kick session.

Can the children in the group be of different ages?

Yes that’s fine. Our coaches will adapt your Custom Kick session to the needs of your group.

Who is responsible for finding the location?

It is your responsibility to find a suitable venue for your Custom Kick session.

Do I have to book a Custom Kick session each week, or can I book a one-off?

You can book a block of sessions to be conducted weekly, or a one-off session. Discounts do apply for a block of sessions though, so this is the most economical option. If you wish to have just a one-off session from time to time, then you will just need to contact us to book again. Each one-off session will be subject to availability. Contact our office for pricing.

Are Custom Kick sessions only held in school-term time?

Sessions can be held anytime, subject to availability.

Can I hold Custom Kick sessions in the school holidays?

Yes you can, subject to availability.

How much will a Custom Kick session cost per child?

Ginger Sport will charge the organiser a flat rate, and we invoice that person directly. It is up to the organiser whether they pass the costs on to their chosen participants.

How do I pay?

For more information on payments, go here:

Can we choose our coach?

You can request a coach, and we will check their availability.

Do you cater for special needs groups?

Yes we certainly do, and we would love the opportunity to work with your group.