If you’ve ever wanted to add some wow factor to an event, team-building day, soccer-club breakup, or vacation care, our range of inflatables won’t blow up your budget.

Our inflatables entertainment is all about low stress for you and bringing people together to just enjoy the moment and have fun.

With several fantastic inflatables on offer, you can choose from huge, space-saving, indoor, outdoor, the choice is all yours. So come check out our incredible range of soccer-themed entertainment, and pump up the fun!

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Our range of inflatables will blow your socks off, with a price point to suit every budget. Coaches & generators included!

Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field

Hungerball Arena

Snookball Soccer Darts Target shot

Target Shot - kick goals through the holes or even practise passing!
Snookball - Snooker played Soccer style!
Soccer Darts - Kick your ball at the target to score!


Soccer Darts, Snookball, and Target Shot will each take 15 minutes to assemble.

Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field will take 60 minutes to assemble.

Hungerball will take 30 minutes to assemble.

(not available) Soccer Bounce will take 20-30 minutes to assemble.

(not available) Large Inflatable Soccer Field will take 30 minutes to assemble.

Your hire fees are all inclusive, and include:

  • length of hire (e.g. 1-8 hours)
  • coaches to run & supervise the event
  • generators to power the inflatables
  • set up & dismantle of inflatables

Please note: Dry hire (e.g. hire of an inflatable without a coach to supervise and/or run the event) is not legally allowed under insurance conditions. Coach hire is therefore a requirement for any inflatable hire.

For Soccer Darts, you will need to allow an area that is at least 3.3 metres high. For Soccer Target Shot, you will need to allow a ground area of approximately 8m x 5m. For Soccer Snookball, you will need to allow a ground area of approximately 11m x 7m (and height of approximately 3.5m if indoors or undercover). For Hungerball 9 metre, you will need a space 11m x 11m and minimum of 3.5m high. For Hungerball 12 metre you will need a space of 14m x 14m. For Soccer Bounce you will need to allow a space 7m x 7m and with at least 6.5m clearance height. For the Large Inflatable Soccer Field, you will need a space a minimum of 16 metres long and 12 metres wide. For the Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field, you will need a space a minimum of 35 metres long and 24 metres wide.

Soccer Darts is 3 metres high.

Target Shot is 7 metres long, 4 metres wide, and 3 metres high.

Snookball is 10 metres long, 6 metres wide, and 0.6 metres high.

Hungerball is 9 metres (or 12 metres for the larger one) in diameter and 3 metres high.

Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field is 30 metres long, 20 metres wide, and 1 metre high, with the goals standing 2.6 metres high.

Soccer Bounce is 6 metres in diameter and height. (currently unavailable)

Large Inflatable Soccer Field is 15 metres long, 10 metres wide, and 0.6 metres high, with the goals standing 1.8 metres high. (currently unavailable)

The use of a local park may require permission from the local government authority (e.g. your local council). It is the responsibility of the person paying to hire the inflatable to obtain the appropriate permissions to use public property. Please discuss your plans for a venue with us at the time of booking.

If the event is outdoors, a grassed area must be provided, so we can safely and securely peg the inflatable into the ground.

If it is not a windy day, we may be able to use the inflatable on an outdoor hard surface, but please note – we cannot peg/secure the inflatable onto a hard surface, so conditions cannot be windy.

Alternatively, inflatables can be used indoors, in an enclosed area.

Please contact us to discuss the indoor option further so we can assess the area for suitability.

After you submit your online booking with your payment details, we will confirm that the day you want is available. Once we confirm the booking date:

● If your booking is more than 7 days away: we automatically deduct a 50% deposit. We then deduct the remaining balance one week before your event.

● If your booking is less than 7 days away: We automatically deduct the full amount once we confirm that the date you want is available.

If the date you want is available, we may not need to contact you again before we confirm your booking, so please make sure you realise you are committed to payment when you submit your booking.

Additional Information

The areas where the inflatable is to be placed should be clear of toys, garden furniture, pet mess, stones, etcetera, prior to the delivery and set up of the equipment.

The hirer is the only person to be responsible for the unit. That is, the unit must not be hired, leased, lent, or sublet, by this person, to any other persons.

We have detailed checklists to ensure the equipment is in good condition.  However, the hirer is deemed to have also checked the suitability for hire, and condition, of the inflatable and its accessories for faults when the equipment is delivered for hire.  Any problems should be reported to the member of staff delivering the unit at the time of set up.

Access to the set-up area should be clear and easily accessible.  Steps, hills, small entrances, or other conditions that may impede delivery should be discussed when making the booking.

The equipment requires a supply of electricity no more than 20 metres away.  If this cannot be supplied, we include a generator in your hire at no extra cost.

Please note that the Extra Large Inflatable Soccer Field draws 15 amps of power per blower. It is recommended to have more than one power supply available for this inflatable.


The equipment must not under any circumstances be handed over to any person other than a representative of Ginger Sport.  The equipment remains the legal property of Ginger Sport throughout the hire period, and we reserve the right to collect the equipment at any time during the hire period.

During periods of poor weather (e.g. heavy rain, winds, and storms) we reserve the right to cancel the reservation of the inflatable. If conditions are not poor prior to the start of the hire, then you still have the option to cancel the hire of the inflatable.  However, please note that three hour’s notice must be given to cancel, prior to the hire start time of any inflatable.  If  the three-hour notice is not given, or the inflatable is delivered to the registered address, then full payment is required for the booked service and hire time, and no refunds will be given.