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Outside School Hours Care Program

Book Ginger Sport’s fun soccer services at your OSHC service!

Book a coach for your very own session at a time and place to suit you. Book for as few as 1 child, or up to 14 kids per coach.

Just fill in the form to make an inquiry. For more info, see our FAQs below.

My time, Our place

Our Outside School Hours Care Program is designed to align with the “My Time, Our Place” framework, promoting secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships, partnerships, and high expectations, among others. Our program strives to:
Respect for diversity: Our program values diversity and inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for all players, regardless of background, ability, or skill level. We encourage a culture of respect and inclusivity among all players.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives: Our program acknowledges and values the unique contributions of Indigenous players, recognizing their perspectives and cultural heritage, and providing opportunities for cultural learning.
Equity, inclusion, and high expectations: Our program promotes equity and inclusion by providing opportunities for all players to develop their skills and reach their full potential. We challenge our players through tailored drills and games, setting high expectations for their performance.
Sustainability: Our program advocates for a sustainable approach to sports, emphasizing the importance of healthy habits and responsible use of resources, such as equipment and facilities.
Critical reflection and ongoing professional learning: Our program encourages players to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement through self-assessment, feedback from coaches and team members, and ongoing professional development opportunities. We believe that continuous learning is essential for the development of our players and coaches.

We provide a variety of packages to enhance your Outside School Hours Care Program experience. These include options such as Booking a Coach and Inflatable Bookings

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There is no minimum number of children required. If there are more than 14 children, then you’ll need two coaches who can manage up to 28 children. Alternatively, extra time will be required with just the one coach. Talk to us if you wish to include more than 14 children in your session.

We prefer that children are aged between 2-10 years old. Talk to us if you wish to include children outside these age groups in your session.

Yes that’s fine. Our coaches will adapt your session to the needs of your group.

It is your responsibility to find a suitable venue for your session.

You can book a block of sessions to be conducted weekly, or a one-off session. If you wish to have just a one-off session from time to time, then you will just need to contact us to book again. Each one-off session will be subject to availability. Contact our office for pricing.

Sessions can be held anytime, subject to availability.

Yes you can, subject to availability.

Ginger Sport will charge the organiser a flat rate, and we invoice that person directly. It is up to the organiser whether they pass the costs on to their chosen participants.

We’ll send you an invoice with the terms of payment.

You can request a coach, and we will check their availability.

Yes we certainly do, and we would love the opportunity to work with your group.