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Consistent Delivery & Careful Planning

A lot of careful planning goes into making a Ginger Sport fun soccer session exciting, energetic, engaging, enthusiastic, enjoyable, and entertaining. We have a 100+ page delivery guide that’s like our coach bible. A different theme for every week, we put the hard work in before we get there to make what we do look easy.

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Weekly Fun Soccer Timetable

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FAQs - What To Expect

Our coaches are easily identifiable as they wear a bright-orange shirt and cap with the Ginger Sport logo.

Wet-weather information is updated on our website here

Comfortable clothing, i.e. t-shirt, shorts, joggers. We also recommend that you bring a hat, water bottle, and apply sunscreen.

If your little one wants to look just like their coach, you can purchase a soccer kit from our online shop here. Delivery is included in the price.

Kids who go to Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) are most welcome to register for and attend our Weekly Fun Soccer session if it’s held at their school while they are at OSHC. Just register as normal, and let OSHC staff know your child will be attending.

OSHC staff must supervise OSHC children at all times during the session, and they are responsible for collecting and returning your child from OSHC before and after the session. (If you have signed a permission form waiving the need for OSHC staff to supervise your child at the session, OSHC staff must present that form to Ginger Sport staff if we request it.)

Ginger Sport coaches are experienced in coaching children of varying abilities. We focus on ABILITIES, so with support from families, we aim to facilitate activities that the children can participate in. Education and training on additional needs, disabilities, and impairments are part of the regular professional development that our coaches undertake. We are always looking to learn, and we would welcome and value your input on the registration form to make the weekly sessions successful. We want everyone’s ABILITIES to shine!

FAQs - Bookings & Payments

If you’ve never played with us before, just create an account and book in your FREE TRIAL.

If you want to keep playing after your trial session, make sure you register to secure your place. Then you can pay and be ready to play!

If a session is cancelled (for example due to wet weather or illness), we’ll add a credit to your customer account. That account credit will be automatically deducted from your term’s fees next time they are due.

If your individual child misses a session (for example due to illness), we will issue a makeup session to your account.

$15.65 – 30 mins (Toddler Fun Soccer)

$18.85 – 45 mins ( Pre-prep and Prep Fun Soccer)

You pay upfront for a month worth of sessions.

When you create your account and book your child into the session, we automatically bill you on the first Sunday of every month.

If you first book in part way through a month, we bill you for the remainder of the month.

When it’s time to move on, you just log in to your account and cancel. You then won’t be billed at the next billing date. You can keep playing for any remaining paid sessions you have left in the term.

Your registration continues until you cancel it.

Just like Netflix, you can cancel at anytime. If you cancel part way through a month, your child can still play at the sessions you have paid for.

We will stop billing you from the next invoice cycle.

We don’t hold sessions on public holidays.

Log in to your account and cancel anytime.

Just click the red ‘Cancel’ button on your account dashboard. Scroll down a bit if you can’t see it straight away.

When you cancel, we stop billing you. This means you won’t be billed on our next regular billing day – which is usually the Sunday before term starts.

Your child can keep playing for any sessions you have already paid for.

You don’t get a refund, makeup sessions, or account credit for sessions you have already paid for, but you’re welcome to keep playing until then.

If you are self-managed or plan managed, you can choose to spend your NDIS funding with Ginger Sport. If you are agency managed by the NDIS, you cannot choose to spend your funding with us, because we are not an NDIS-registered provider. Our 1-2-1 fun soccer is popular with families who have children on the autism spectrum and with intellectual disability. Learn more here about playing fun soccer with us if you have NDIS funding.

Pay up front for the whole calendar year, by 31 March of that year, and you’ll get some great incentives for doing so, including:

  • FREE Ginger Sport kit (i.e. shirt, shorts, socks)
  • 10% Birthday Party discount
  • 25% 1-2-1 Soccer discount

Pay by 30 June & you’ll get the party & 1-2-1 discount!