Current Session Status

Weekly Program Sessions at Calamvale and Manly have been cancelled for today. We wanted to give all locations the best chance of going ahead, however, due to the heavy rain, we have decided to cancel.
We will be in contact to arrange a make-up session later in the term.
Thank you for your understanding.

Last Update: Friday 7th August 3:15pm.


We aim to keep all of our Weekly Program sessions going ahead.

Fortunately, many locations have an undercover area that we are able to use in the event of rain.

But sometimes it just rains, rains, rains, or is hot, hot, hot!

In the event of poor weather conditions, we will update this page so you know if your session is going ahead or not.


Which sessions are shown on this wet-weather page?

We use our wet-weather page for our Weekly Program sessions. 

If your child attends our Childcare Program, we let the childcare centre know whether the session is going ahead or not.

What time do you make a decision to cancel a session?

For morning sessions, we will decide around 9:00am

For afternoon sessions, we will decide around 2:00pm.

These timeframes are guidelines. 

We want to give every session every chance of going ahead, so we make the decision as late as possible.

What informs your decision to cancel?

Our primary concern is the safety of the children who play.

Consistent, heavy rain can affect the playing surface, and oppressive heat can prevent us from going ahead as well.

We assess every location on a case-by-case basis.

We use a number of resources including BOM forecasts and our coaches in the locality.

We don’t always get it right, and we don’t always know what the weather is going to do, but we always have the safety of the children in mind first and foremost.

If you cancel the session, do I get a makeup session?

If Ginger Sport cancels the session due to weather, we offer you a makeup session.

Making the right decision about the weather

We don’t like cancelling sessions, and predicting what the weather will do can be a tough call.

Everyone is different, and some parents don’t mind a sprinkle of rain on their kids, where others don’t want their kids to get wet at all.

When we cancel a session, we do it with everyone’s safety in mind.