Coach Zed

How do you inspire kids to a lifelong of sport?
Kids love fun. Sport is fun, so a lifelong love of sport means we are always having fun.

If you could be any superhero who would you be and why?
Aquaman-King of the 7 Seas. The protector of all the creatures, ensuring the continuous existence of the future.

What is your Favourite Quote?
Whoever is happy will make others happy too

What is your best childhood memory of playing sport?
Being on the field with legends of football – Pele, Beckenbauer, Cruyff

What’s the first job you dreamed of having as a kid?

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
Playing competitive and social soccer, walking along the beach with the pups, bike rides

Which Sporting Icon did you always impersonate in the backyard and why?
Pele – one of the best in the game and could lift the team around him

Why do you enjoy working with children?
Children love to smile. A smile brings happiness, which can be contagious…thus leading to more happiness.